What To Consider Before Tinting Your Auto Glass

Tinting the windows on your vehicle can help reduce the amount sunlight that flows through the glass. However, before you tint the windows, you need to consider a few influencing factors. By having more information, you will be able to determine whether you should tint your vehicle's windows.

Tint Location

Before you can choose any type of tinting, you need to know where you can place it on your vehicle. Each state has their own regulations for where tinting can go onto windows.

In most states, the windshield for example, can only have a small area of tinting on the upper portion of window. This is generally 5 to 6 inches from the top or to the AS-1 line of the windshield.

Another consideration is some states do not allow tinted rear windows, because it can block your ability to see through the glass. However, most states allow you place tinting on the side windows behind the driver's seat as long as your vehicle has exterior side mirrors. Once you know which windows you can tint, you then need to consider other aspects that can help you make your final decision.

Light Transmittance

You will also need to think about the amount of light that will be able to go through the tinting. This is generally referred to as light transmittance and each state has their own guidelines for allowable percentages. You need to know the percentage for your state and then look into products that fit within these guidelines.

Typically, a lower percentage is most common with darker tints that make it harder to see through the glass from the outside. Choosing a product below your state guidelines can cause your vehicle to fail a state inspection or a cop could give you a ticket for the darker tint.

It is best to consult an auto glass company even if you plan to place the tinting film on the windows yourself. The company can at least help you choose the right product with a correct light transmittance for your area.

Color of Tint

One last aspect to consider is the color of the tint. Colors such as red, yellow and amber are not permitted in some states. This is especially important to know if you plan to order the tinting film online. Unfortunately, some supply companies may only list the light transmittance percentage and not the color of their products.

When you want to tint the windows of your vehicle, you have to consider a few factors. By taking the opportunity to learn more about tinting products and your state's guidelines, you will have an easier time choosing the right option for your vehicle. For more information, go to http://msglassoutlet.com.