Three Options For Air Conditioning With Your Radiant Heating System

If you have invested in radiant floor heating in your home, you may still need air conditioning. You can have central AC systems installed separately, but this may be too costly for you. There are also in-floor systems, ductless AC and split ductless air conditioning systems. Using these types of air conditioning systems is an affordable option for AC in homes with radiant heating systems. Here are three of the most affordable options and the benefits they can offer you:

1. Ceiling Installation Of Ducted Cooling System

If you have something like in-floor heating or radiators installed on walls or baseboards, typical installation of ducted systems may not be possible. For these situations, the best option for a ducted system is to have a ceiling installation of the ductwork. This can be a system that works just like a conventional central air conditioning system, but all the ducts and returns will be installed in the ceiling. It has the benefit of not having to work around radiators or in-floor heating systems.

2. Ductless AC In Central Areas Of Small Homes

Ductless AC systems are air conditioning units that can be installed without ductwork. Like conventional central HVAC, they will have an outdoor unit, but instead of ducts, they have an indoor air handler. They can efficiently cool a single-story home with just one air handler installed in a central location in the home. These systems are installed at ceiling height on the walls and will not interfere with any radiant heating systems.

3. Split Ductless AC Systems For Zoning Of Larger Homes

Another option for using a ductless AC system is to use split systems. These systems can have more than one unit installed to more efficiently cool your home. They can also be used for zoning in larger homes that have more than one level.  If a single ductless AC is not enough to cool your home, using a split system may be the answer to provide you with the cooling. They are the same as normal ductless systems, but they will have separate air handlers for the different cooling zones in your home.

These are some of the options you have for an AC system in your home when you have radiant heating systems. If you need to have heating or one of these AC systems installed, contact HVAC contractors like Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning Services and ask them what the best combination of heating and air conditioning will be for your home.