Caring For Your Hardwood Floors: A Guide For Dog Owners

Dog claws can damage hardwood floors just as quickly as any piece of sliding furniture or unruly child. This leaves dog owners charged with the task of protecting their hardwood floors from their beloved pets. These tips will help you protect your hardwood floors from your dog, keeping your floors looking beautiful for years to come.

Make Claw Grooming a Part of the Routine

Your dog will need claw grooming on a regular basis. Check your dog's claws weekly or biweekly, and clip your dog's claws on your own using specialized clippers purchased from a pet store. Pet owners who don't wish to trim their dogs claws personally can also take their dog in for professional pet grooming services.

Purchase Non-Slip Dog Socks

There are a variety of products available in pet stores and online that will cover your dog's paws and protect your hardwood floors. Non-slip dog socks prevent your dog from slipping on your floors, and are popular among dog owners with pets that have a hard time walking on the slick floors without sliding around. Dog claw covers are also available and will protect your floors as well. 

Get Some Good Rugs

Lay down rugs in high traffic areas, particularly near entrances to your home. Rugs protect your floors from pebbles and things that can get caught in your dog's paws while he or she is out in the yard. Rugs also soak up some of the rain, ice and snow that clings to your dog's fur when he or she comes in from the outdoors. 

Designate Some Rooms as "Dog Free"

Keep your dog out of those rooms that you'd like to keep looking especially beautiful. Use baby gates to keep your dog from wandering in to areas that you'd like to keep protected—like your dining room or sitting room.

Refinish the Right Way

As a pet owner, you're likely to need floor refinishing on a fairly regular basis. Next time you look into hardwood floor refinishing, protect your floor with the right kind of finish. Satin finishes show scratches less than high gloss finishes. In addition, make a point to speak with your contractor about choosing a finish with a high chemical resistance. This will help protect your floors if your dog urinates on your floors.

With these special precautions, you can protect your floors from your dog. If your dog has already begun to scratch up your hardwood floors, speak with a professional to find out what you can do to fix your floors. Talk to your local flooring experts, such as A & D Hardwood Flooring LLC, for more information.