Carpet Services: 3 Considerations For Your Next Purchase

Carpet is one of those furnishings that can really make a house feel like a home. While decorative tile and hardwood floors have their on effect on the home's 'comfy' factor, the fact that most people grew up in homes with carpet, lounging around on the living room floor or in their bedroom listening to music, means that many home buyers will eventually want that same feeling in their own home. But actually narrowing down the seemingly endless options can be a difficult task indeed. This article outlines a few factors you need to consider when choosing the carpet that's right for you, whether it's for a high rise apartment or a cabin in the woods. 

The Type of Fiber

The carpet's fiber type is an important aspect to consider as it plays a role not only in the comfort of the material, but also the overall price tag. Wool carpet, for instance, tends to be the most expensive kind of carpet, and while it is quite comfortable, it isn't quite as durable as nylon, or as stain resistant as olefin. There are a lot of different fiber types and each has it's own distinct advantages. You personal tastes will factor into this decision more than anything else.

Resistance To Staining & Fading 

More often than not, a carpet's ultimate resistance to stains and wear is a factor of whether it has been treated with any kind of stain resistance formula. Before they are sent to market, most carpets are treated with some kind of stain resistant formula to help ward off discolorations and the occasional spill. 

However, other carpets, like solution dyed polyesters, are actually made of colored fabrics, whereas most carpets are manufactured white and then colored afterwards. In fact, this kind of carpet, though limited in available color schemes, is one of the most stain resistant carpets you can buy. Not only will accidental spills and tracked-in mud have less of an effect on its overall appearance, but it is also resilient to things like bleach and UV light, and it is one of the most affordable alternatives.

Finally, some carpets have the option of what is known as a 'spill trap', which is actually a piece of protective plastic located between the carpet pad and the carpet itself. The function of the plastic is catch spills before they come into contact with the pad. It's more difficult to remove stains from the pad than from the actual carpet material.

Price Point

On the subject of price, it should be noted that there really is a carpet for just about every budget. For those working in extremely tight economic constraints, the carpet type that incurs the least financial fallout is the polyester variety. Still, whether your looking for a plush saxony, a berber, or a patterned carpet, most warehouses will have something that fits both your budget and your personal preference. 

In the end, while the carpet you decide on will likely be a factor of your individual preferences and tastes, it is important to consider the fiber type, stain resistance, and overall cost when purchasing. Talk to places like Aesthetic Flooring & Hard Surfaces for more information.