Why Foam Roofing Is the Ultimate Solution to Your Moisture Problem

For a small business owner, having a leaking roof is a scary nightmare. Leaks not only damage property in a business, but they also make for a bad first impression. And while there are many ways to prevent leaks on a roof, nothing does it better than foam roofing. The following are reasons why foam roofing is great when it comes to preventing leaks in business premises.

Expansion of the liquid mixture

The installation of foam roofing usually starts with the spraying of a liquid onto a roof. And as this liquid is exposed to the external environment, it usually starts to transform from a liquid state to a solid state. And as it does so, it expands.

Starting off as a liquid usually gives the foam the opportunity to get into the smallest of cracks. And as the liquid changes states, the resulting expansion usually results in an air-tight layer through which moisture has no chance of passing. And what makes it even great is that there is no need to saw off edges or resize the openings to ensure that the "sealant" fits properly. A foam spray works even on the most uneven of surfaces.

No-seams property of foam roofing

With most roofing techniques, joints and seams come as part of the package. And while they are necessary to make most roofing materials to fit, they tend to be a roofing problem with the passing of time.

Temperature fluctuations usually cause slight expansion and contraction in roofing materials. This causes slight movements in the roof and since joints and seams represent weak points in any roofing structure, they are the areas that tend to be the first to buckle under pressure. They therefore tend to be what is to blame for leaks in most business premises.

However, with foam roofing, these areas of weaknesses are absent. What you get with foam roofing is a watertight seal with no seams or joints—free from vulnerable stress points. Therefore, simply choosing it for your roofing business needs eliminates a large portion of your roof-leak problems.

Custom application and the roof-water puddle problem

With most roofing systems, having low-lying areas or spots is unavoidable. These areas usually form pools of water that may eventually find their way into your business premises.

However, this is a problem that you don't have to worry about when using foam roofing. This is because the foam can be custom-applied to a given area. This means that any low-lying areas in the underlying structure can be built-up to the level of the rest of the roof and thus eliminating the water ponding problem. This usually goes a long way in reducing the risks of moisture damage in most business premises.

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