Things You Can Do To Maintain Your Garage Door

Do you own a garage door that you want to minimize the need for repairs for? Take the time to learn some simple maintenance tips, and you will drastically reduce the need for costly repairs to be carried out. With that thought in mind, here are the most common maintenance tips that you should carry out to reduce the requirement for repairs:

  • Garage door sensors: if the garage door sensors are knocked out of line, then they will cease to function correctly. Therefore, they will need to be realigned, and this is a lot easier than it sounds – you simply need to push the sensors until they are in the correct position, easily achieved via trial and error. The exact position you are looking for is where both sensors on either side of the door are facing one another. Typically garage doors will have lights alongside the sensors that blink when not aligned correctly, and once alignment has been achieved, the blinking will be replaced by a solid light.
  • Weather seals: these are used to prevent air coming in and out of the garage when the door is closed. They can reduce heating costs in the winter, because they will keep the temperature within the garage higher than if the weather seals were not installed. Furthermore, weather seals can help prevent moisture buildup within the garage.
  • Lubrication: if your garage door is producing a squeaky sound when it opens and shuts, then you will need to apply some lubricant to the mechanism. The ideal type of lubricant is a silicone or lithium spray. When applying the lubricant, you should focus on the chain, hinges, metal rollers and stems. This maintenance task should be performed about once a month, but if you notice that the opening and closing mechanism is experiencing an increased level of friction, or if there is a squeaky sound, then apply lubricant immediately. Otherwise the mechanism of the garage door could potentially get damaged.
  • Clean the track: before applying any lubricant, the tracks and chains must be cleaned so that they are free of dirt and grime. When lubricant is applied to a dirty metal it will not stick, thus negating any benefit you may have received from applying the lubricant. To clean the track you can use a damp cloth, or you can get a garden hose to blast some water.

Talk to a garage door repair company to learn about what else you should do to maintain your garage door.