5 Benefits Of Installing A Frameless Shower Door

If you plan on remodeling your bathroom, then you may consider the option of installing a frameless shower door. Since they have increased in popularity in bathroom remodels, it means that this design choice can ultimately increase the value of your home. A frameless shower door is simply made from glass and has no metal or vinyl framing on the sides. So what are the perks of installing this in your home besides a slightly increased home value?

  1. Thicker Glass: Since frameless shower doors do not have the support of a frame, the glass must be made to be thicker. This thickness of the glass is a benefit because it means that there is a significantly reduced chance that your shower door will break or crack. 
  2. Easier to Clean: Another major perk of installing a frameless shower door is that it is much easier to clean than a framed shower door. This is because the frame on the edges is really difficult to clean around. Often times, hair and other debris gets trapped in the frame and sometimes need a professional to help remove it. This means the cost of cleaning can go up, and the sanitary conditions of your bathroom decreases. 
  3. Makes Bathroom Appear Larger: A framed shower door can often make the bathroom appear smaller because it gives off a sense of being enclosed; whereas, a frameless shower door makes it appear open. It's almost as if the shower is a continuation of the bathroom and not something that is taking up space. Since open floor plans and spaciousness are becoming more desirable in homes, this is a major reason a frameless shower door helps increase home value. 
  4. A Better View: If there is a window behind your shower, then a frameless shower door can open up the view that the window provides. This also helps to bring in more natural light into the bathroom. 
  5. No Shower Curtain: As a far as sanitary conditions of the bathroom goes, this is the best benefit because you won't need a shower curtain. Shower curtains have been found to contain a lot of bacteria. You could replace the shower curtain or even wash it to get rid of this bacteria, but in the end this can take up a great deal of your time and money. Cleaning a frameless shower door is much more simple, and you won't ever have to worry about replacement for a long time to come.

Now that you know the benefits of a frameless shower door, you can better understand why it is so desirable in a bathroom remodel. You can now be more comfortable with the idea that this is something you should consider for your own remodel.