Why Wood Is Still A Great Window Material

Most homes are built with aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl window frames. These materials are practical because they are lightweight, easy to maintain and very durable. They require very little care over the years. Wood is a material that used to be very common in window frames, but it has become less popular because it is not as practical. Most homeowners just want a window material that will be easy to keep up and will last for years. Wood is a product that requires more constant maintenance and care. If you are a homeowner who is willing to invest a little extra time to maintain your wooden windows, it could be a great material for your home. Here are a few reasons why wood is still a great material for residential windows. 

Wood is the Most Stylish

Most people are interested in wooden windows because they have a classic style that is impossible to replicate. Most people will agree that wood looks more natural than a material like vinyl. Another great thing about wood is that you can repaint or restain it as many times as you want over the years. So, you can change your windows to change with the decor of your home. Wooden windows never seem to go out of style because most homes have many wooden design elements. For instance, you can coordinate your wooden windows with your roofline, door frames, and furniture. Most synthetic windows have plain, square frames. However, wooden window frames can be filled with more intricate molding. In the end, wood will look good with just about any type of home.

Maintenance is Not Too Bad

Maintaining wooden windows is actually not too time-consuming. To maintain the health of a wooden window frame, it is most important that you keep it waterproof, especially on the exterior. Depending on your climate, you will probably have to restain your exterior frame every 5-10 years. If you live in a particularly dry climate with a little rain, you probably will not need to re-stain or seal your windows for a full decade. However, if you live in a region that is cold, wet and rainy, you may need to refinish your windows every five years.

Obviously, wooden windows will require a little bit of TLC. However, if you invest in this classic material and take a little extra time to maintain it, you can really make your home stand out. 

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