3 Things To Consider Beyond Pricing When Looking At Window Installation Bids

Before you hire a contractor to replace your old windows with newer, energy efficient windows, you are going to want to obtain quotes from a few different contractors. However, if you don't know a lot about window installation or construction, it can be difficult to compare quotes beyond looking at the difference in pricing. Here are a few things you should ask and look for when comparing window quotes.

Find Out If The Permit Cost Is Included

In many areas, if you make even minor modifications to your home, such as installing new windows, you will need a work permit from your local governing body. Make sure you ask any contractors you are interested in hiring if they included the cost of the permit in their estimate, and if they will handle all of the paperwork for the permit. Having a contractor who will take care of the permit can save you valuable time.

Be Sure To Ask If There Work Is Factory Authorized Or Certified

There are many different ways to gain experience in the window installation industry. One can learn through first hand experience, or one can go through a certification process.

Many window brands offer contractors an opportunity to train and earn a certification that states that they have been factory trained, by that specific brand, to install their specific windows. This type of training is generally referred to as factory-authorized or factory-certified training. When a contractor has this type of training, you know that they have expert training from that particular window company.

Don't Forget To Ask About Warranties

Finally, make sure that you ask for details concerning the warranties that come with your new windows. Oftentimes, the warranties on new windows are only valid if someone who is certified installs the windows.

Make sure that the contractor you hire to install your new windows meets all the qualifications in order for the warranty on your new windows to be valid.

You should also see if the contractor you are hiring offers his or her own warranty or quality guarantee to go along with your installation.

When comparing window contractors such as Fary W. T. Bros Lumber Co., make sure you look beyond the price. Try to find a contractor that will take care of any building permits, is factor authorized or certified and meets all warranty requirements. Think about the big pictures of the services that are being offered before you pick which contractor will install your new windows.