Cleaning The Dirty Tile And Grout On Your Home's Kitchen Floor

Moving into your new-to-you home was exciting, but now it is time to clean all of that dirty tile floor in your new kitchen. While it may look like someone rebuilt an engine in there now, soon you can have the tile and grout looking like the day it was first installed.

Follow these steps to clean that disgusting tile and grout today:

Step 1: Sweep and Vacuum the Floor Very Well

The first thing you should always do before attempting to clean tile floors is to sweep and vacuum the floor very well. Sweep first to remove the bulk of the dirt and to loosen any dirt stuck on the tiles. Follow up with a vacuum and use the attachment to clean the baseboards around your kitchen.

This step will remove as much dirt and dust as possible from the floor, and keep it from making mud while you are trying to clean the tile.

Step 2: Clean the Floor with Hot Soapy Water and a Stiff Bristled Brush

Using a brush with stiff bristles, and a bucket of hot soapy water, scrub each tile and the ground lines around it. Let the water sit on the tile for a minute to dissolve any stains. Remove the soapy water with a rag and then wash the area again with a rag dipped in clean water.

Step 3: For White Tile and Grout, Clean the Floor With a Bleach Solution

If the tile and grout on your kitchen floor are white, then you will need to mop the kitchen with a solution of one cup of bleach dissolved in a bucket of hot water. The bleach water will remove any leftover stains from the grout that the soapy water did not remove. The bleach will also help to whiten the grout and make it look new again.

Once you have mopped the floor with the bleach solution, then rinse the floor by mopping with a bucket of clean water.

For Additional Help

If you are unable to get your home's kitchen tile and grout looking as clean as you want it to be, then you should consider hiring a professional floor cleaning company to come out to your home and steam clean the floors. The steam will remove all of the dirt from the grout and tile and this will make them both look clean and sanitary again.

Finally, you should then have the floors professionally sealed to prevent dirt and grime from getting into the grout in the future.

For professional cleaning services, contact a company such as All American Stone & Tile Care Inc.