Three Simple Techniques To Keep You And Your Family Cool While Your Air Conditioning Is Broken

An untimely breakdown of your air conditioner, especially when it's hot outside, can leave you and your family scrambling to stay cool. Cold showers and some ice-cold water can help, but there are other useful ways to chill your body temperature. Before you get too invested in trying to come up with strategies to help you beat the heat, your first step is to call a licensed repair person, such as those from Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc, to fix your air conditioning. Once you've scheduled this appointment, or you've already had the person arrive and you're now waiting for replacement parts to get shipped, it's time to turn your attention to some cooling techniques.

Open -- And Then Close -- Your Windows

Keeping a thermometer inside your home and comparing the temperature against your outdoor thermometer can provide you with the information needed to help you decide whether to open or close your windows. In general, it's useful to open your windows at night. Doing so allows the hot air that accumulated inside your home during the day to escape and be replaced with the cool night air. You can even set up a fan against the window to blow cold air in. Close your windows in the morning, though, when you use your two thermometers to confirm that the outdoor temperature is higher than your home's indoor temperature.

Include Spicy Foods In Your Diet

Cool-tasting foods can help your body feel cool when it's hot inside your home, but you'll also find success with adding more spicy foods to your diet. Although it might seem a little counter-intuitive, foods that pack a spicy punch can actually cool your body. As your body takes in these foods, you'll begin to sweat due to the foods' capsaicin, a potent chemical in spicy foods that triggers your body's receptors to begin the process of sweating to cool your body. Hot peppers such as jalapeno, habanero and chili can all be useful to include in your recipes.

Add Some Cool To Your Fan's Air

Hanging a cold, damp towel directly in front of a fan is an effective way to cool the fan's air; as the air passes through the cold towel, it will reduce its temperature and provide relief when it hits your body. This strategy can provide relief when you're sitting in front of the fan, but you'll have to continue dampening the towel, as necessary, when it starts to dry off.