Outdoor Lighting: 4 Ways To Add More Light To Your Yard

While you likely have plenty of different types of lighting fixtures and lamps inside your home, what about outside? In your backyard and patio, there is a wide range of options for lighting up the space and encouraging your family to spend more time outdoors. Here are just a few of the best options.

Patio Wall Lighting

While many lights for the outdoors don't require plugging in, there are some lighting fixtures that can use your home's electrical system for efficient light. If you want lighting that doesn't rely on solar energy or batteries, consider having wall lighting fixtures installed on your patio. You can choose from a variety of decorative options, adding to the overall appeal of your patio, while also providing the desired amount of illumination. You will need to have an electrical contractor install the wiring for these lights and ensure your home's electrical system can handle the additional fixtures.

String Lights

Another option for your patio or different backyard spaces is to have string lights, also called fairy lights. These lights are smaller and provide a unique type of illumination. They are great for when you are having a party that goes into the evening, a family barbecue, or just to enjoy the fresh air after you have your dinner. You can either choose string lights that plug in to your outdoor electrical outlets, or solar-powered string lights that gain energy during the day, then light up at night. Consider hanging them around trees or from the roof of your patio or sunroom area.

Torches and Lanterns

When you want a more natural way to light up your backyard, you can choose torches or lanterns, which don't require any type of electrical work. Torches can be placed in the ground of your yard and filled with lamp oil. Light them each evening when you want to enjoy more light in your garden. There are also hanging lanterns, which often use small candles to be lit. With lanterns, they can also provide a small amount of heat on your patio.

Solar Yard Lighting

In addition to the string lights, there are also many other lights that can use solar energy. This is a great option because they don't have to be plugged into anything, therefore reducing the need for extension cords or extra power outlets outside. It also reduces your energy bill, while also providing beautiful illumination for your yard. Consider solar yard lighting in varying shapes and sizes, such as stepping stone lights, rope lights, and structure lights.

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