Questions For Choosing An Heating Contractor

When you're looking for a heating repair shop, don't make the mistake of assuming that any shop will do. There are several questions that you can ask in order to vet the shop to make sure that you're getting high quality service.

How Established Are They?

One thing to look for is an established contractor with some reputation to stand behind them. In addition to looking for someone who's been in business for many years, look for a company that has state certifications for heating and air conditioning repair. Another sign of an established contractor is someone who has a strong liability and worker's comp policy to back their work. Memberships to National Trade Associations can also show that your heating contractors are invested in keeping up with the latest best practices. 

How Much Do They Know About My System?

You should also make sure that the company is knowledgeable and equipped to deal with your heating and HVAC problems. For instance, what kind of diagnostics tests will they do to diagnose your system? A great contractor will be sure to diagnose leaks, test the air duct flow, and calculate the size and location of your system before beginning any repairs; these data will help to create the right repair plan for your heating system. Make sure to ask your heating contractors lots of questions beforehand to make sure they are doing a thorough repair. 

Do They Want to Replace or Repair?

Some HVAC contractors are more interested in replacing parts than repairing. If you are wanting to save money, be sure that your heating repair shop is capable and willing to repair the parts. Repairs can be less valuable for your contractor, since the repairs may not always work and your warranty might require them to fix the parts for free. But a great repair shop should be able to offer you the options of replacement or repair when appropriate and give you an honest estimate of which option is better. 

What Options Do They Offer?

In general, choose a contractor who will offer you all of the options for HVAC repair and replacement. For instance, some repairs may not be strictly necessary, and more expensive repair options should be left up to you. 

Choosing a heating repair contractor definitely deserves some thought— the HVAC system is a complex and potentially costly thing to fix. Be sure to ask yourself these questions to choose the right contractor. For more information, contact a local HVAC company like Erickson Plumbing & Heating