4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Basement Survival Shelters

If you're someone who likes to be prepared for anything, then you may consider converting part of your basement into a survival shelter. These shelters are essential for riding out storms, natural disasters, or random possible occurrences like states of emergency or war. As you plan out the shelter design, it's important to consider the different electrical needs in the area. Whether you're using your home's electricity or running on a generator, there are four different electrical upgrades that can help make your shelter ideal for staying inside through extended amounts of time.

Circuit & Amp Upgrades

The shelter that you build may have to be used for extended amounts of times. Help ensure that you have plenty of power and resources by upgrading the amps and circuits available for the area. For example, if you have a mini-fridge or freezer installed in the shelter, you want to ensure that you have the necessary power to keep those devices operating when needed. As you plan the types of appliances that you want in the shelter, you should use a conversion chart to get the estimated wattage and decide on your best power options.

Ventilation Fans

The key to staying in an enclosed area for extended amounts of time is having proper air ventilation. An electrician can help wire ventilation fans into multiple parts of the survival shelter. This can help provide fresh air quality as you use the shelter for extended amounts of time. An electrician can provide wiring that connects directly to a generator system so you can still use the ventilation fans if the power goes out in your home.


Lighting fixtures will help supply illumination inside of a dark basement. Many basements may feel closed in and crowded, so an electrician can help install recessed lighting. This type of lighting is installed flush to the ceiling and will not take up any head space within the room. The lights can be wired to your home's electricity along with alternative emergency lights that are connected to a generator system.

USB Outlets

Try and stay connected to the outside world with the installation of USB outlets to the basement area. These outlets draw less power than a standard outlet and can be used for a variety of gadgets and electronics. Easily plug in cell phones, tablets, or speakers to have extended audio options. The outlets are ideal for both entertainment and additional survival needs while in a shelter.

Contact a local electrical contractor like those found at D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc. early during your shelter planning. This can help ensure that all the proper wiring is installed before you make any permanent changes or installations in the basement area.