Should You Use Tapered Insulation For Your Flat Roof?

One of the challenges of flat roofs is that they often suffer from water drainage problems and have high energy costs. When water pools on a flat roof, it is more likely to be in need of repairs in the future. Ponding water can place strain, contribute to rot and can even void warranties.The standing water also turns the roof into a breeding location for pests and contributes to ice dams in the summer. However, tapered insulation can both prevent ponds and can also prevent heat from escaping. 

Many Roof Insulation Systems Fail To Deliver Results

There are many ways to insulate a flat roof and most of these methods can produce horrible results. For example, a common and terrible method is to install fiberglass batts on a leaking ceiling. However, if the insulation in inspected after several heavy rains, there will likely be signs of mold growth. 

Add Insulation To The Roof

A tapered design adds insulation to a roof. It also adds a slope that allows for water to drain off of the roof effectively. The tapered roof uses expanded polystrene. This is a closed cell, light-weight, plastic insulation that provides a thermal barrier for your roof. Not only that, but the insulation has a high moisture resistance, making it ideal for a flat roof. 

Ideal For New And Old Roofs

When constructing a new roof, a tapered insulation can be engineered into the structure of the roof by giving the roofing columns varying heights. This allows for the roof to have high and low points that allows for the moisture to slide off of the roof. If the roof has already been constructed, the tampered insulation can be designed with a varying height to create a slope that will allow for moisture to run off the roof. The insulation can have a thickness of up to 50 inches, which allows for the insulation to have the necessary pitch.

Find Out If It Is Right For Your Roof

Tapered insulation is usually the most cost-effective approach to acquiring drainage on a flat roof system. However, with some roofs, it is better to use insulating concrete due to the roof configuration. If you are concerned about whether the slope of your roof will remove moisture, talk with a roofing contractor about whether this type of insulation would be right for your roof. Tapered insulation is ideal for built-up and modified bitumen roofing systems. Or you can click here to read more.