3 Easy Ways To Waterproof Your Basement

If your basement needs to be waterproofed, you need to decide which method you want to use to waterproof your basement. Some of these methods can be used together with one another to more effectively waterproof your basement.

#1 Crack Filling

This method is designed to help you waterproof your basement if you have cracks in your basement wall that are on the smaller side. If you have gaping cracks that are over a foot wide in your basement wall, you are going to need to use a different method.

With the crack filling method, a contractor will inject a specially designed material into each crack. This material will then expand until it fills all of the available space and completely seals the crack in your basement wall.

If you have a few small cracks in your basement, this is an easy way to fix up the existing issues and ensure that your basement is waterproofed.

#2 Waterproof Paint

The waterproof paint method can work well in conjunction with the crack filling method. Once all the cracks are filled and taken care of in your basement, you can apply waterproof paint to your basement walls. Waterproof paint will also help fill in any little tiny cracks that may have been overlooked using the crack filling method. The paint will seep into any and all tiny cracks in your basement. Water will no longer be able to seep through the walls in your basement. If moisture accumulates in your basement and it gets really humid, you'll be able to easily wipe away the water that gets on the walls.

#3 Excavation Method

Finally, if the water problem in your basement is really advanced, you may need to go with the excavation method. With this method, your contractor will dig out all the dirt around the walls of your basement until they get all the way down to the foundation wall for your basement. This is a pretty involved method and involves the use of heavy equipment and the removal of a ton of dirt from around your home.

When your contractor finally reaches down to your foundation wall, they will then replace the drainage system that was set up for your basement. If you are constantly getting large amounts of water into your basement, it is probably because your drainage system was not set up properly; this method will fix that issue.

These are three very common methods of waterproofing basements; let your contractor know how often and how much water you get in your basement so that you can work together to select the best waterproofing method.