3 Fun Features to Add to Your Pool

When you are creating your pool, there are so many decisions to make. This pool is your own, and you get to choose what it looks like and what features it has. This includes basic things like the size and shape of your pool, but it also includes all of the fun customizations that you have the option to include. This article will discuss three fun features to add to your pool. 

Colored Lighting

A simple and affordable way to customize your pool is to add colored lighting. All pools have lights in them so that you can see in the water when you are swimming at night. However, rather than just keeping the same boring colors, you can instead have lights installed that are a different color. You can either choose lights that are a single color or have lights installed that change colors over and over again. This is something that your kids will absolutely love, and it still provides the light needed for safe swimming at night. 

A Waterslide

A waterslide is an awesome feature to add to your pool because it is fun for both kids and adults. It gives you something to do besides just swim in the pool, and you can choose the size and style of slide that you would like. The waterslide can be either covered or open, and you can have it long or short, twisty or straight, or whatever else you would like. This will be one of the last things to be installed with your pool because the pool will need to be completely finished before the slide can be created. The slide can also be customized by surrounding it with stone, if you are going for more of a natural look. Also, if you want more than one waterslide, this can easily be done, just as long as your pool is big enough and all construction codes are met. 

A Water Fountain

Another fun feature that kids especially will love is going to be a water fountain. Most children really love the idea of a splash park because they can run through the water and get wet. A water fountain inside of a pool combines the two, making things even more fun. The water fountain will be installed in the shallow end of the pool, and you will be able to turn it off and on whenever you need to. You can even have multiple water fountains in the shallow end of the pool if you'd like so that multiple children can play in the fountains at one time. 

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