3 Common Mistakes People Make When Completing Their Own Landscaping Design Project

If you have a blank canvas in your front or backyard, you may be thinking of completing a residential landscaping project. There are many different types of landscaping projects, including laying sod, adding a deck, or planting new trees. However, making it all come together can be challenging. Planning out exactly what you want to do to your space and tying everything together can make the space look complete and cohesive. Here are a few common mistakes that people make when completing their own landscaping design projects, which is why you might want to consider hiring a residential landscaping service. 

No Edges

Would you hang a picture on your wall without a frame? No. So why would you fail to place the proper edging or borders around your landscaping? When you plant a flower bed, plant a tree or place a walkway, you will want to have some kind of edging or border in place. This frames the unique feature in your yard and clearly defines the space. Edging between your grass and your sidewalk or driveway also provides a nice, crisp line that defines the space. Don't let all your landscaping features muddle together. Define each space with some kind of edge.

Boring Landscape Palette

When you get dressed in the morning, would you put together an outfit where the entire thing was the same color and made from the same material? No. That would be mundane and bland. Unfortunately, people make this mistake with landscaping, selecting plants that have similar colors, heights, shapes and blooming periods.When it comes to plants, you should select plants that offer different sizes, textures, colors and blooming periods. This helps ensure that your yard is filled with different colors, textures and heights, allowing the eye to take in a beautiful outdoor space that is not boring.

Lack of Lighting

The last common landscaping mistake people make is not lighting up their yard. You spend a lot of time caring for and maintaining a beautiful yard. And there is no reason that yard should only be on display when the sun is out. Placing well-placed landscaping lights can help emphasis a gorgeous garden, blossoming tree, or unique garden fountain. Lights help your yard shine even after the sun goes down.

Designing an entire outdoor space yourself can be a lot of work. And many people make a few mistakes along the way. If you want your space to look perfect without doing any of the work, a residential landscape design company can help take the vision you have in your head and make it become a reality for you.