How To Create A Campground Atmosphere In Your Own Suburban Backyard

If you have a house in the suburbs and are not near a big national forest or somewhere else where you can take your family camping, why not create a fun campground atmosphere in your own backyard? It's simple enough to do, and you will have a really fun place that you and your kids can enjoy any night of the week. Here is what you need to do to get it done.

Tiki Torches or Lanterns For Atmospheric Lighting

In order to get the campground atmosphere, you want to choose the right type of lighting. You don't want to have bright lights from your house spotlighting the backyard. Even subtle lawn lights are not the best way to convey a rustic, campground atmosphere. Instead, you should choose either tiki torches or lanterns. The tiki torches will work really well because they create light that is thrown off by flames. If you don't like tiki torches, you can get lanterns and hang them from the limbs of trees in your backyard. You can choose oil lanterns, or even get battery-operated lanterns if you are not comfortable using oil.

Cedar Wood Chips For An Authentic-Looking Base

You normally don't see grass lawns at campgrounds, so you should create a small space in your backyard that is covered in cedar wood chips. This will give the area a more woodsy feel. Before spreading out the wood chips, lay down a layer of weed barrier, and then spread the cedar wood chips over it.

Cut Logs For Cool Chairs

While you can get those aluminum folding chairs that people take with them to camp sites, you might want to get cut logs for something even more rustic. Many camp sites have old, cut logs and situate them around a fire for people to sit on. The best way to get these is to contact a company that sells firewood and ask for some "unsplit" logs. When firewood is cut, it is first cut to lengths, and then the logs are usually split. Splitting the log makes it easier to fit into the fireplace or stove. However, some people buy unsplit logs and split them themselves to save money. Ask for a price on a half dozen or so. There is no need to buy a whole cord of wood, which is way too much.

Permanent Outdoor Fire Pit

Of course, no campground would be complete without a firepit. You need a fire to make the place feel authentic. However, you shouldn't just set up some logs and start burring them. That will wreck your yard (burn the grass and spread ash around) and also is not too safe. Instead, get a contractor from a company like Alpine Fireplaces to come in and build a firepit that will safely hold the burning logs. Make sure that they know you want a rustic look. They can design the firepit to look like it was hand built, and not make it too fancy with exposed brick. You might ask them to surround the exterior with fieldstone, like you might find at a campsite somewhere in the woods.