How To Increase The Value And Add Space In Your Home By Turning Your Attic Into A Bedroom

It is common for modern households to need additional living space. Some households are already crowded and something may occur that requires you to take in a loved one. When this happens, you are going to need additional space. If you are faced with this situation, then you may want to turn your attic into a functional bedroom. Read on to find out how to increase value and space by adding a room.

Can You Make The Conversion?

Converting your attic allows you to avoid many of the zoning restrictions associated with adding a room. This type of renovation allows you to use roof space that would otherwise be used for old boxes. The structural framing of your roof will determine if you can convert your attic into a bedroom. A house with rafters provides an open space, which makes it possible to do the renovation. If you have trusses, then you are going to have to make physical changes to your roof. This results in your project costing more.

Get A Permit

If you planning a building project, then you need to get a permit for construction. A building permit is a legal document that allows you to start renovation on a property. There are different jurisdictions that issue this document, such as towns, cities, states and counties. Each jurisdiction has different requirements, fees and building codes for issuing a permit.

It is important that you get this document instead of choosing not to get it. Some homeowners feel they must spend more money to complete the project by getting a permit. This document protects you and your family. If wiring was not done right, then this is something that an inspector will catch. On the other hand, completing the project without a permit could result in your house catching on fire.

You also want to avoid unpermitted work if you plan on selling your house in the future. If something is not done properly or illegally setup, then you must take it down.  You want to do the work right the first time to prevent having to spend more money.

More Affordable To Make Renovations

It can cost from $25,000 to $50,000 to add a room on to your house. You are not adding to the footprint of your home when converting an attic space into a bedroom. An attic renovation is more affordable because you do not have to pay for dirt work or foundation costs.

It helps to make renovations that increase your home value. If you want to start a building project, then schedule an appointment with an experienced contractor.