Why Wooden Window Sashes Are Still Great

If you are in the market for new windows, you need to consider the material of your sashes. It seems like most modern windows are being built with synthetic sashes. Materials like vinyl, fiberglass and plastic are popular because they are cheap and usually very easy to maintain. They seem to be more common than wooden windows. Admittedly, wooden windows require a little more maintenance than the synthetic products. But, this article will explain why wood is still a great option when your getting replacements through a place like Miller Roofing & Guttering Inc.

Wood is Inimitably Stylish

Most people are initially drawn to wooden windows because of the style. The classic, rustic, warm and natural look of real wood simply cannot be replicated. In fact, most synthetic materials are even made with fake wooden prints. Of course, these don't look nearly as good as the real thing. Not only does wood look beautiful, it can also be painted or stain however you want it. Basically, it is the easiest product to customize. You can coordinate your wood stain to match furniture on the inside of your house. Best of all, wood is easy to work with and refinishing your windows is a very manageable DIY project. Homeowners who frequently like to change and update their style or color schemes appreciate the fact that wood can be finished. Most synthetic materials are very difficult to paint, so you are basically stuck with the color you originally chose unless you decide to completely change the windows.

Wood is Easy to Repair

Wood is also very durable product that is easy to repair. Most people have some sort of experience working with wood. Patching small scrapes and dings in your wood sashes is something you can do with basic hand tools and wood putty.

Wood is Energy Efficient

Wood is also a great option because it has great energy efficiency ratings. You should be able to find appropriately rated windows for your local climate. When shopping for wooden windows, pay attention to the U-value, which is a measurement of a windows heat of rate of heat loss. The recommended U-value that you should have in your home is determined by your climate region.

Basically, wood will require a little more maintenance at TLC over the years. However, you won't be spending a bunch of time and money trying to constantly keep up your wooden sashes. As long as you make small repairs ensure that your wood is always sealed, your windows will last for many years without issue.