Replacing A Submersible Well Pump

If your home relies on a private well for your potable water, you know how important a functioning well pump is when it comes to ensuring a steady supply of water each day. Most wells utilize submersible pumps that sit below the surface of the water to move water from the well and into a home.

Here are three tips that you can use to successfully replace a submersible well pump that has started to malfunction:

1. Start by turning off the electrical supply.

Although electricity and water shouldn't mix, submersible well pumps require access to an electrical current in order to function properly. Before you begin the process of replacing a submersible pump that is no longer working correctly, you need to shut off the electrical supply powering the pump.

This can be done by turning off the breaker that is connected to the pump. Eliminating electricity at the breaker protects you against a potential stray electrical current that could result in electrocution as you complete the replacement process.

2. Pull up the well pump carefully.

In order to install a new submersible pump, you will need to pull the old pump up and out of your well. This process should be completed carefully to protect your pipes and other fittings from sustaining any damage.

Be sure that you disconnect the pump from the pipes leading into your home prior to pulling it up out of the water, and wear rubber gloves to ensure you can maintain a proper grip on the hoses and fittings that will be slippery once they are removed from the water. It can be helpful to have a second or third person available to help you pull your old submersible pump out of the well, as the process can be physically taxing.

3. Buy the right replacement pump.

When you are replacing an old submersible pump, it's important that you purchase a new pump that is compatible with your water delivery system. While it is acceptable to invest in an upgraded pump model, you should ensure that the basic features on the new pump mirror those of the old one.

In particular, be sure that you purchase a pump with a control box if your old well pump was equipped with a control box, and ensure your new pump has no control box if the old pump was without one as well.

Being able to successfully replace a faulty submersible pump will ensure that your home has access to a reliable water supply well into the future. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.