How Storm Windows Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

If your windows aren't very energy efficient, you may wish you could afford to buy new ones. New windows can be very expensive, especially ones designed to protect against storm impacts. A solution to consider is buying storm windows instead. These work along with your current windows so you get improved efficiency at a more affordable cost. Here is a quick look at how storm windows work.

What Storm Windows Do

Storm windows add another layer of glass to your current windows. Storm windows can be mounted on the outside or inside. Placing them inside your house is more convenient when it comes to installing them and removing them. Plus, the windows won't be exposed to weather, so they'll last longer and stay in better shape. By providing another layer of glass between your home and the outdoors, there is less heat transfer and your windows are more efficient. Also, you can buy storm windows with treated glass that blocks UV rays or that makes the glass strong against impacts.

How Storm Windows Are Made

Storm windows are made of plastic or glass. Glass has a better appearance, but glass is also more fragile and easier to break. Plastic storm windows are less expensive and they have an advantage when you are on a tight budget. While they are more durable than glass, some inexpensive brands may scratch or turn yellow as they get old. The frames come in different materials too, such as wood, vinyl, and aluminum. They also come in different colors so you can match the storm windows to your existing windows and they will blend right in.

How The Glass Improves Energy Efficiency

When you buy quality storm windows made of glass, the glass is treated with a low-emissivity coating. This coating reduces heat transfer so your home holds heat inside during the winter and keeps heat outside in the summer. The coating also reflects UV rays to prevent solar heating of your home. The coating acts as an additional step that improves the energy efficiency of your windows. The glass can also be treated with film that makes it resist impacts from intruders or storm debris. Another benefit of these high-quality glass storm windows is noise reduction, which is nice if you live near a noisy street.

If you have exterior storm windows installed, they can even add to the beauty of your home since they have an attractive design. Exterior windows also have screens built in so you can still get a breeze in nice weather. Whether you want top-quality exterior storm windows or the more affordable indoor variety, you'll enjoy increased comfort in your home and you might even notice a difference in your power bills due to a reduction in heat loss. Contact companies like Southern Glass & Mirror to see their options and get price quotes.