When You Should Have A Video Camera Inspection Of Your Sewer Line

Years ago, the only way to find out what was going on inside of your main sewer line was to have it dug up so your plumber could take a look. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Now, there are video camera systems that can be fed down your sewer cleanout to give you a better idea of what's going on in the sewer line without having to do any digging. But when should you schedule a video camera inspection of the sewer line? Here are three major times when such a measure is needed.

1. When you're about to buy a home

Replacing a sewer line is not cheap. Depending on the area where you live, you may may $4,000 or even $6,000 for the work. It takes a few days, and you have to go without water during that time, too! So, to make sure you are not hit with the surprise need to replace your sewer line, it's important to schedule an inspection before you buy a home.

A video camera inspection of the sewer line is not typically included in the average home inspection. You'll need to pay extra, and potentially hire an outside company, for this service. However, it is well worth the cost if it saves you from having to replace the main line a year or two after you buy the house.

2. Your neighbors have recently had their sewer line replaced

Especially in older neighborhoods, your sewer line was probably installed around the same time as your neighbors' lines. If your neighbors' lines are beginning to age and have problems, then it's likely that yours is not far behind. So, if several of your neighbors have recently had to replace their sewer lines, you might want to have yours inspected to see if it needs to be replaced too. 

3. Your drains are acting up

Signs of a clogged main sewer line include sewage backing up into sinks, toilets, and tubs. Another sign is increasingly slow drains. You may notice a sewage odor in the yard, particularly after it rains. When these signs appear, contact a sewer company to come inspect your line with their camera system. This way, you can identify and repair the problem before your home gets to smelly or you're completely unable to use the plumbing.

Video camera inspections have revolutionized the sewer industry. Contact a sewer company, such as Rapid Rooter Inc, near you to learn more.