3 Tips To Stop Air Leaks And Energy Loss In Basements And Crawlspaces

Basement and crawl spaces can be an area of your home where air leaks cause energy loss. Therefore, you may want to consider different improvements to stop air leaks in these areas. Their options alike improving insulation or encapsulating across space. Here are some tips that will help you stop the energy loss in basements in crawl space with simple home improvement:

1. Insulating Unfinished Basement Areas To Keep Cold Air Out

There are so many areas of basements that maybe under insulated. Often, the uninsulated areas are where the basement has not been finished yet. The exterior walls and interior framing can be insulated to improve the energy efficiency of your home. The area where you want to do the most insulation improvements is where unfinished basement areas meet finished living space in your home. Make sure these areas are insulated just like the exterior walls of the rest of your home.

2. Encapsulating Crawl Spaces to Protect Against Energy Loss and Damage

There is a lot of energy that can be lost through the crawl space of your home. This is an area where air can come up with through floor joists and the cracks in the wood framing of your home. In this area of your home will see little from the outside air and help reduce energy last. In addition, there also problems that can come from the moisture that is found in across space. Therefore, you will want to have the entire crawl space foundation encapsulated to protect against water and moisture damage that can seep up from the ground beneath your foundation. It is also important to ensure that the crawl space has good cross ventilation, which will allow moisture to escape and prevent damage.

3. Using Doors with Weather Seals for Crawl Spaces and Unfinished Areas

One of the areas where you can lose a lot of energy in your home. The basement of your home often has exterior doors outside but inside the art interior doors to unfinished basis. Consider installing exterior doors for entrances to unfinished bases and storage areas where cold air can get into your home. In addition, the crawl space is another area where the door may not be insulated to protect from the air outside. Install weather stripping on crawl space doors to keep air out and insulate the door if it is custom made and only has wood and hinges.

These are some tips that will help you stop air leaks and energy loss in the basement, and crawl spaces. If you need help with improving your homes crawl space, contact a crawl space encapsulation service, like Perma-Dry Waterproofing & Drainage, Inc., for help.