When It's Time For Waterproofing Your Basement: Signs It's Time To Get Help

Over time, the pressure caused from wet soil on your foundation walls can lead to cracks or water seepage. While a flood is a clear indicator that you need exterior waterproofing, there are signs that will occur in your basement long before you see a major flood. Pay attention to your foundation walls and look for the source of any water. If you have issues with flooding, exterior waterproofing is to be necessary. Water can break down your foundation over time, and it will need to be repaired to effectively protect and support your home. Whether you notice stains, smells, or puddles in your basement, further investigation may indicate you need waterproofing done on your home.

Your Basement Has a Musty Odor

While your basement is going to have a different atmosphere than the rest of your home, a strong odor is indicative of a moisture problem. if you smell mold or mildew, this is only going to continue to get worse without treating your home. Moisture can dissipate as easily in your basement as it can in the rest of your home. If the moisture is coming from your foundation floors or walls, waterproofing will be necessary.

You See Water Stains

Water stains on your walls are an obvious sign that you have a water problem that needs to be addressed. Check your foundation walls and floors for stains. Even the most faint stains can indicate a problem. If you didn't spill any water in your basement, it is coming from somewhere.

If You Notice Sparkles On Your Foundation Walls

With a bright light, take a careful look at your foundation walls when you suspect water intrusions. If you see sparkles, this can be caused by mineral deposits that have been left behind from water that has seeped in.

Dripping Water From Cracks

Your foundation can get cracked over time. In periods of heavy rain, you may find dripping water coming directly from one of the cracks. While you will want to get the crack repaired, it is also necessary to address the issue from the other side of your foundation with exterior waterproofing.

Strange smells, stains and water in your basement all indicate the need for further investigation. When you can't find an obvious water source, you'll need the help of an exterior waterproofing contractor. Don't wait when you smell mold or mildew growth, as over time this can make you physically sick and be more difficult to eradicate from your home.