Is Your Attached Garage Truly Secure?

When you have a garage attached to your home, it's very important to make sure that the garage is secure. This is one of the weakest points in the home when home security is concerned. If your garage is attached to your home and you're unsure if you've done everything possible to secure it as well as possible, keep reading. Here, you'll find a few things to double-check to ensure optimum home security – starting with the garage.

Garage and Man-Door Locks

Does your garage door have a good lock securing it? You shouldn't rely solely on your garage door opener from opening the door while you're tucked away sleeping soundly in your bed. There are a few different types of garage door locks for you to consider. You'll need to decide if you'll need access to the lock from both inside and outside of the door. Some bolt and slide garage door locks can be accessed from both inside and outside. It's best to talk with your garage door services professional to discuss the types of garage door locks that will work best for your situation.

Now, don't forget to upgrade the locks on the man-door. That simple doorknob lock will not do it. You'll want to install a dead-bolt lock on the door. You can find electronic dead-bolts for the man-door that don't require any keys, so if you have teens that lock themselves out, you have the option of installing a keyless lock for easy access for anyone who lives in the home or knows the key-code to access it.

Motion Detection and Alarms

You need to be aware of when someone is trying to get into your garage. Do you have a home security system with the garage doors and windows connected? Do you have any motion detectors in the garage?

If you can scare off a potential intruder before they get into the house, chances are, they'll turn tail and leave without doing much damage. So, connect the garage and man-doors to the system, as well as any windows in the garage. As soon as anyone opens anything to get in, the alarm will sound and everyone nearby will know.

Talk with your garage door services technician today to learn more about securing your attached garage to decrease the chances of home invasions and burglaries. Hopefully, the tips above will get you started in the security upgrade of your garage.