A Clear Perspective And An Elegant Ambiance

Each vertical piece that supports a railing is referred to as a baluster. Although a baluster and railing combination may consist of rounded sections that contain ornate trim, a simplistic version of this enclosure could contain flat glass panels that have gaps between them. Think about how a smooth glass structure like this would not impede your view of the ocean or pool and deck that a balcony overlooks. You will be provided with the illusion of an open area yet be supplied with a safe and sturdy barricade.

Choose A Baluster And Railing Combination

Most balconies feature a balustrade (series of balusters that are attached to a railing) that surrounds an outdoor feature that is not attached to a sturdy structure, such as a wall or a column. Select the height of the balustrade and choose a railing that has a flat or slightly rounded surface.

Both components can be constructed of clear glass, or you can choose glass that is accented with gold or silver-plated edging. The height of the enclosure should prevent anyone from being able to lean over the railing.

Avoid Drawing Attention To Dirty Glass

Each glass piece will need to be well-maintained to prevent dirty streaks or residue from obstructing your view or ruining the elegant ambience that you are trying to promote. Of course, it won't always be practical or possible to wipe off each glass piece as soon as you notice that streaks are present or that some dirt has become stuck to the surface of a baluster or the railing. Don't draw attention to the dirty glass by using glass furniture components or shiny materials to complement the enclosure.

The glass enclosure can be the focal point of the outdoor area. Use neutral-toned fabrics or flat latex paint to cover furnishings and walls that are located on or next to the balcony. This manner of decorating will not draw attention to a dull glass surface or one that is slightly dirty.

After it rains, dirty residue that was on the rooftop or stuck inside of the gutters may wash down the sides of your home or drip onto the glass balusters and railing. Use a water hose, a soft sponge, and glass cleaner to clean the glass structure. If the top part of the railing contains a metal coating, apply a polish to the metal and use a buffing sponge to wipe the polish across the metal surface.