Do You Need A Sewer Inspection?

Most homeowners don't give much thought to their sewer systems until a serious problem arises. Dealing with sewer problems can be messy business. The easiest way to avoid a potentially disgusting disaster is to maintain your sewer system on an ongoing basis.

The time to identify the need for a sewer repair is before a disaster strikes. Sewer inspections can be a valuable tool when it comes to identifying potential problems and caring for your sewer system properly.

Consider the benefits that a sewer inspection can offer you as you determine if you need to invest in an inspection in the near future.

Sewer Repairs Are Costly

Replacing a sewer line, cleaning up a sewage backup, or replacing materials that have been damaged by sewer water can all be very costly endeavors. A sewer inspection is a relatively inexpensive alternative that can be used to help you identify potential problems before the repairs needed to address them become too costly.

The needed drain cleaning and minor issues that a sewer inspection reveals are much more affordable than major sewer issues that occur when routine maintenance is overlooked.

Roots Seek Out Sewer Lines

Even if you don't notice any signs of impending sewer failure, damage could be taking place deep within your home's sewer line. The roots of any trees, shrubs, or other plants that are located near a sewage line will naturally see out the sewage line as a source of nutrition.

Roots have the ability to penetrate through the outer wall of a sewer line in an attempt to access the water and nutrients moving through the line on a regular basis. In addition to damaging your sewer line, roots will eventually clog up the pipe and block the flow of water and waste.

This could lead to a serious sewage backup inside your home. Routine inspections allow a plumber to identify root problems in your sewer line before they get too invasive so that you can have the line cleaned.

Age Affects Sewer Performance

Any sewer system is susceptible to problems, but older systems are especially vulnerable. The older your system is, the more time your pipes and fixtures have had to deteriorate.

Many older sewer systems were installed prior to the implementation of municipal code regulations. This means that your system might not be equipped to handle the high-pressure water moving through a municipal delivery system.

A sewer inspection will identify failing components so that they can be replaced before a total system failure.

Contact a company like Home Scope by Cornerstone that provides sewer inspections in your area for more information.