Business Getting Off The Ground And Moving To A New Location? 2 Tips For Employee Safety

If your business is getting off the ground and you are moving to a new location, this involves a lot of work. One thing you need to do is keep your employees safe. There are many ways you can do this, two of which are listed below.

Have Fire Extinguishers

If you have a fire inside your business, it can spread quickly, and your entire building can be engulfed in flames within minutes. Having fire extinguishers will help you put out a small fire quickly, before it can take over the building. 

Fire extinguishers are available in different classes. Class A fire extinguishers will put out a fire that is from paper and wood. Class B fire extinguishers will put out fires that come from grease, oil, gasoline, and other flammable liquids. Class C fire extinguishers will put out electrical fires, and Class D fire extinguishers will put out fires from flammable metals.

Consider what you have in your business when deciding on what type of fire extinguisher to purchase. It can be helpful to have more than one type on your premises so you can extinguish different types of fires. 

Install a Security System

Another way to protect your employees is to have a security system in place. You never know if someone will try to break into your building during the day. If your business is in a high crime area, consider putting a keypad at the entrance. Someone would have to know the code before gates would open. Install security lights all around your property. Most intruders will run away if a bunch of bright lights turn on when they get to your building. 

You can also hire a security company to install a security system for you. They can put sensors on all windows and doors so an alarm will go off if someone tries to break in this way. You can choose to have the security system connected with the security company. This way, if the alarm does go off, the security company will contact authorities, such as the police, ambulance, etc., to come to your property.

Also, install security cameras so you can capture someone that is breaking into your building. These cameras can be hidden, or you could put them in plain sight where an intruder could see them.

There are many more things you can do to keep your employees safe, such as installing smoke alarms. 

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