Addressing Your Tuckpointing Questions

Masonry can suffer a variety of damages and problems. For homes that incorporate masonry, there will likely come a time when you will need to have repairs made to it. Depending on the type and severity of the damage to the masonry, tuckpointing may be one of the more effective solutions for repairing these issues. What Happens During Tuckpointing Work? Tuckpoint is ideally used in situations where the masonry that binds the bricks together starts to fail.

How Storm Windows Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

If your windows aren't very energy efficient, you may wish you could afford to buy new ones. New windows can be very expensive, especially ones designed to protect against storm impacts. A solution to consider is buying storm windows instead. These work along with your current windows so you get improved efficiency at a more affordable cost. Here is a quick look at how storm windows work. What Storm Windows Do

Comparing Asphalt And Concrete Driveways

The surface of your driveway provides a stable platform for your vehicles to sit on, and also provides a large aesthetic dynamic to the front of your house. As such, the material used for your driveway paving needs to be both functional and attractive. Two of the most common types of paving materials used for driveways are asphalt and concrete, both of which have very different material qualities and associated advantages.